Sammy Guevara Unveils Incredible Dragon Ball Z Inspired Titantron

Sammy Guevara Dragon Ball Z

Sammy Guevara has taken his love of all things Dragon Ball a step further with a new entrance video featuring a homage to the hit franchise.

On the special Grand Slam edition of AEW Rampage on September 23rd, Sammy Guevara took on Eddie Kingston in a grudge match that roots in real-life.

Kingston and Guevara were originally scheduled to meet at All Out. However, a backstage altercation between the pair – allegedly due to Guevara insulting Kingston’s physique – led to Kingston being suspended and unable to appear at the event.

When the two finally met on Rampage, Sammy Guevara made his way to the ring with a new entrance video that Dragon Ball Z fans immediately recognised as being inspired by the global megahit.

Guevara later posted the full video on YouTube and confirmed it was indeed in the style of the show.

Unfortunately, Guevara wasn’t able to go Super Saiyan during the bout and Kingston was able to get his revenge by laying the former TNT Champion out with multiple Spinning Backfists before locking in the Stretch Plum submission hold.

However, Kingston refused to relinquish the hold after the bell rang, leading the referee to reverse the decision and award the bout to the unconscious Guevara. Kingston took his frustrations out on the security team and Jerry Lynn appeared to try to talk him down before the show went to a break.