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Sami Zayn – “The Only Time I’m Difficult Is When I’m Being Dictated To”

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Heading into WrestleMania 37 Sami Zayn once again finds himself on a collision course with Kevin Owens.

The pair have been battling in an on and off feud going all the way back to their days in Ring Of Honor. It seems Zayn and Owens truly are destined to fight forever.

After being taken out by a Helluva Kick on the March 19 episode of SmackDown, Sami Zayn was the guest on the KO show the following week. Zayn still preoccupied by the conspiracy that he sees around him continued to frustrate Owens, with KO finally snapping and challenging Zayn to a match at WrestleMania. Zayn panicked and accepted before Owens hit him with a stunner to leave him laying.

In the midst of the rivalry, Zayn also has his eyes on premiering his documentary, which will reportedly show how WWE have engaged in a conspiracy against the former Intercontinental Champion. In turn, this has led to an announcement that Logan Paul, who Zayn has been interacting with on Twitter, will appear on the April 2nd edition of SmackDown.

In short, Sami Zayn isn’t short on creativity, ideas or storylines. Something he has revealed that he is the driving force behind.

In a new interview with Renee Paquette on her Oral Sessions podcast, Zayn has lifted the lid on his creative process. Explaining how he likes to be in control of his own ideas, adding that he doesn’t like being dictated to.

“So part of my process is when I’m working with writers, I’m putting my stuff together – I want to put it together – this is how I like to work. I like to be in charge of the idea, or not in charge, but I like to have my idea, I like to give it to you and I like you to edit it – a little bit – and make it concise, make it deliverable in the allotted time we need, or in the case of a producer, make sure it’s in line with Vince’s vision or whatever but that’s what I like, I like these people. I have in certain moments been called y’know difficult or whatever but you’ll find the only time times I’ll be difficult is when I’m being dictated to me – I don’t like that. I’ll admit I can be difficult for sure, if you’re dictating what I have to do, especially if I don’t think it’s good. If you dictate, ‘here’s what you have to do’ and it’s great, then I’m like ‘oh man, that’s great!’, I’ll go with that and you’ll get no pushback from me, but if you’re telling me ‘here, this is what you’re doing’ and it’s not good then I’ll be combative.”

Elsewhere during the conversation, Zayn also described how he loves to sneak political undertones into his character. The former NXT Champion, went on to reveal he “couldn’t believe he got away” with his promo on Thanksgiving.

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