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Sami Zayn Announces Second Sami For Syria Clinic

Sami Zayn WWE

WWE Superstar Sami Zayn has announced a second ‘SAMI FOR SYRIA’ mobile clinic will open in 2022.

The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) Foundation launched the first Sami For Syria Mobile Clinic in June 2020, with fundraising for a second clinic announced in 2021.

Taking to Twitter to announce the news, a proud Sami Zayn thanked those who donated and shared images of the mobile clinic in Syria. Zayn, of Syrian decent, has championed the cause of Syrians displaced by civil war for over four years.

Sami Zayn’s mobile medical clinic travels from camp to camp in northwest Syria, delivering urgently needed medical services free of charge to displaced civilians, treating hundreds of people each week.

In an earlier video message, the former NXT and Intercontinetal Champion, gave a touching personal message to those who had donated to fund.

“The ‘Sami For Syria’ campaign was always about operating and funding a mobile clinic, on the ground in Syria, providing primary healthcare to internally displaced population. Providing direct access to healthcare to people who otherwise would not have it and its been going for four and a half years now thanks to your continued support.

I am thrilled and honoured to announce, that in the year 2022, going forward we will be operating not one but two mobile clinics on the ground in Syria.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time because obviously two mobile clinics means double the amount of people we will be able to help, double the amount of medical services we will be able to provide and its entirely possible because of your generosity.”

The Mobile Medical Clinic is described as a specially modified vehicle, fully equipped with examination rooms, medical equipment and staffed by a physician, midwife, nurse, pharmacy technician, data entry specialist, and driver.

For further information on the clinics and to donate, go to SamiForSyria.com

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