Sami Zayn Makes The Difference For Roman Reigns And The Bloodline At Survivor Series

The Bloodline Roman Reigns Sami Zayn Paul Heyman Solo Sikoa The Usos Jimmy Uso Jey Uso make their entrance on WWE Raw 2022

While the prospect of WarGames is enough to warrant the attention of anyone, Roman Reigns was also forced to address problems within his own team on the eve of the contest.

On the November 25th edition of SmackDown Kevin Owens attempted to reason with Sami Zayn, telling him to leave The Bloodline before they turned on him. To further add to the drama, he later lied to Jey Uso about speaking to Owens. This led Reigns to speak with Zayn ahead of the match at Survivor Series, with the former Intercontinental Champion pleading his loyalty.

Sami Zayn’s Earns Roman Reigns’ Respect

As WarGames began, the violence was immediate, although it quickly became clear all was not completely well in The Bloodline. At one stage, Roman Reigns sent Sami Zayn into the match instead of Jimmy Uso, in order to get Zayn and Jey to work together. This had the desired affect briefly, although they later came to blows over using a table.

With all ten men entered into the match the two teams stood across from each other in separate rings, before the Brawling Brutes led by Sheamus initiated a brawl. As the match continued, Butch ducked a Superkick from Jey and he connected with Sami, while The Usos hit a top-rope 1D on the British star. This was quickly followed by Reigns Spearing Ridge Holland through a table.

As the match headed towards it’s final stanza, Reigns and Owens squared off, and it was the latter who gained the upper hand. Owens landed a Pop-Up Powerbomb and then a Stunner, but as he pinned Reigns, Zayn stopped the referee from counting.

This sparked more pleading from Owens who tried to get Zayn to turn away from The Bloodline. Although Zayn looked conflicted, he hit KO with a low-blow and then a Helluva Kick for good measure. With Owens laid out, Zayn handed over the win to Jey Uso who did the honours after a Frog Splash.

After the match Sami Zayn was embraced by Reigns and then Jey Uso, solidifying his place in The Bloodline.