Sami Zayn Forces Roman Reigns And The Bloodline To Break Character On SmackDown [Video]

Roman Reigns & The Bloodline WWE

The tension between Sami Zayn and Jey Uso reached an all-time high on the October 28th episode of Friday Night SmackDown as Roman Reigns was forced to intervene.

WWE SmackDown opened with Sami Zayn and Solo Sikoa taking on the Brawling Brutes. During the match, Jey Uso got involved in an attempt to help Zayn, but instead just sparked an argument. The end result was that when Zayn got back in the ring he was rolled up by Butch and pinned for the three-count.

As the argument continued in the ring Jimmy went nose-to-nose with his brother as Roman Reigns’ music hit. In typical Reigns fashion the Tribal Chief kept his family waiting. After addressing the crowd, Reigns said that if Jey and Zayn were going to act like children they would be treated like children. In short, Reigns wanted the pair to squash their beef.

While Zayn was quick to apologise much to the delight of the crowd and Paul Heyman, Jey Uso wasn’t buying what the former Intercontinental Champion was selling. Uso said that he didn’t like Zayn’s face and his hair, and he would never be blood. To make matters worse, he ended by saying that he didn’t care what the Tribal Chief thought, which drew a huge gasp from the crowd.

Roman Reigns Breaks Down Laughing Mid-Segment

As Reigns slowly turned to admonish his wayward cousin, Sami Zayn got back on the microphone and explained that the problem was Jey hadn’t been very “Ucey.” Although Reigns tried to continue he was serenaded by “Ucey” chants and quickly broke into a smile, eventually just breaking character altogether and laughing. Reigns’ battle for composure wasn’t helped by Jey Uso also ‘corpsing.’ As Jey tried to get himself together, he just gave up and hilariously put his head in his hands.

To end the segment, Reigns said that if the problems weren’t sorted he would remove the “honorary” part of Zayn’s “Honorary Uce” name and instead name him Sami Uso.

Later in the show it was announced that The Usos would be defending their Undisputed Tag Team Titles against the Brawling Brutes at WWE Crown Jewel.