Sami Zayn Reveals How WCW Magazine Inspired His Iconic Finisher

Sami Zayn Helluva Kick Giovanni Vinci WWE Raw

Long before he was one of the most popular stars in WWE, Sami Zayn was a kid from Canada who loved professional wrestling.

Like many young fans, he subscribed to wrestling magazines, and speaking in a recent interview with Love Wrestling, the Quebec native revealed how misunderstanding a word in an article led to his iconic finisher being named the Helluva Kick.

“If you want the actual history here, I don’t know if I have ever said this in an interview before but what it is, is when I was a kid I had WCW Magazine and I was reading some match results and it said Chris Jericho defeated Syxx, or maybe it was the other way around, with a hell of a kick but it was written ‘helluva’ like that and I thought it was a ‘helluvah kick’.

“So I thought it was a type of kick. So I told this story to Excalibur, who now does commentary on AEW every Wednesday. I told this story to him at dinner one time at Denny’s after a PWG show and then we started calling the Running Yakuza Kick in the corner that I would do at the time, we started calling it the Helluva Kick.”


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