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Sami Zayn Reveals His Surprising Pet Peeve

Sami Zayn

Given how tenured a career Sami Zayn has enjoyed, it’s hardly a shock to hear how he’s developed some pet peeves for the business – this particular hatred is surprising, though.

Sami Zayn celebrated his twentieth wrestling anniversary earlier this year, having debuted in March 2002. Throughout that time, ‘The Great Liberator’ has enjoyed success wherever he’s gone, while also developing a growing list of pet peeves.

For the former Intercontinental Champion, his gripe with wrestling – and specifically the WWE product – comes from WWE’s tendency to switch its Superstars’ babyface/heel stances for no reason.

Sami Zayn discussed this on the latest After The Bell podcast with Corey Graves, putting this down to WWE’s inability to develop an interested audience with this inconsistent booking:

“I remember, especially on house shows one week, the girls would be good guys. And then the next the bad guys are even on TV, Alicia Fox would be like a good guy one week, and then a bad guy. You don’t know what’s [going on], just how can you? How can you, as a fan, latch on as you’re talking about when there’s that inconsistency?”

A perfect example of this would be Lacey Evans. She was positioned as a SmackDown babyface when vignettes began airing for her return, but she was then internally listed as a heel on the Raw roster. Evans returned to in-ring action on the blue brand regardless, resuming her position as a heel as she was before going on maternity leave.

Sami Zayn also spoke of his own character direction while addressing this pet peeve of his:

“So it’s more, I would say less about the past and more about forward, like what the next steps from here. Right? So I had this whole conspiracy to document all this stuff. Okay, well, it’s over now, what’s the next step for the character? Logically, you know what I mean? Where does this person go next?

But so that way, it’s like, it’s adding on to the layers that are already there. Rather than just saying, like, ‘Okay, I’m done doing the conspiracy stuff’. Now, my new thing is whatever, fisherman or you know what I mean? Like, I just don’t, that’s the one thing is, there’s a personal pet peeve of mine, sometimes you start seeing characters act a different way, and you have no one know why they’re acting this way.”

Sami Zayn most recently wrestled Riddle on last night’s broadcast of Friday Night SmackDown. He’s sided with Roman Reigns and The Usos as of late, going so far as to team with Jimmy and Jey Uso on a recent Monday Night Raw broadcast.

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