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Sami Zayn On Facing Roman Reigns: “It Could Go Either Way”

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Sami Zayn has given his opinion on Roman Reigns, claiming that he could easily match up to him if the two ever faced off in the ring!

Speaking to Kayla Braxton on Talking Smack, the former Intercontinental Champion began by theorising about the potential bout and went on to discuss how the ‘Tribal Chief’ used to be WWE’s ‘golden goose’.

“Paul [Heyman] and I tend to agree on a lot of things. I’m sure we have differing opinions on what would happen if Sami Zayn and Roman Reigns faced off for the Universal Championship. That’s fine. I have a lot of respect for what Roman Reigns has become, really. All this stuff I talk about, about toeing the company line and being the sort of corporate poster boy and all of that stuff. Man, I hate to say it, but that was Roman Reigns once upon a time ago. He was the golden goose, and he knew, you know, where his bread was buttered, and he toed the company line.

Zayn also orated his thought on the current mentality of the Universal Champion and his belief that he could go toe-to-toe with him on any given night!

“But eventually, he realized that the company is breading their butter with Roman Reigns. He realized he was their golden goose, and he started playing them instead of being played by them. So, I respect that. I’m not going to sit here and come on the show and say that, ‘Oh, if I go in the ring with the Universal Champion Roman Reigns, I would plow through him.’ Man to man, head-to-head, on any given night, it could go either way. That’s what I think. But this is a step closer than I’ve gotten in a long, long, long time.”

Before getting the chance to challenge Roman for the title, Sami must first win the Elimination Chamber match. He qualified for the match on Friday 12th November’s edition of Smackdown.

Credit for the Interview: Talking Smack on WWE Network

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcription