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Sami Zayn Recalls Name-Dropping AEW On WWE Raw

Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn has opened up about mentioning AEW on Monday Night Raw in the hopes of trying to create a memorable moment in a segment where anything could have happened.

Back in the spring of 2019, Sami Zayn hosted an infamous electric chair segment on Raw where fans in the crowd were encouraged to ask the Canadian star absolutely anything.

In the face of disappointingly tame questions, Zayn took the initiative and stirred things up when he told the crowd “You could’ve asked me anything. You could have asked me about AEW!”

Now speaking to Cultaholic Sami Zayn explained why he mentioned the competition on WWE television:

“What happened is the timing of that is sometimes forgotten. You’re referring to the electric chair segment which was a totally unscripted segment. The timing of that segment was very interesting because it was the next day after AEW had just had their first-ever pay-per-view. It was a very hot topic at the time. It was hot off the heels of their first pay-per-view and it was hot off the announcement that AEW was going to be a company.”

“It was so new and so fresh and we felt that it was going to be on everybody’s minds. I felt like it was bound to come up, and it kind of weirdly didn’t. At that point in the segment, some of the questions I thought would’ve been a lot more provocative because it was unscripted. While I was out there, I felt like a lot of the questions were a bit flat. Me using my judgment, I figured this needed some pizzazz, so I brought it up myself.”

Sami Zayn then explained the reaction to his comment once he got backstage and says the electric chair segment was killed off because of it but thinks he made the right choice as its still a topic of conversation years later:

“When I got back it wasn’t so much that it came up, but the way it came up. The way I sort of addressed it, when it wasn’t really needed to be addressed. All this to say that in my defense, the fact that we’re still talking about it three years later tells me that my instincts were right. We needed something memorable to make this a shocking segment, but unfortunately, that was the death blow of the electric chair segment because it was never to be repeated again.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.