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Sami Zayn Comments On Michael Cole’s Reaction To WrestleMania Match

Sami Zayn Johnny Knoxville

Sami Zayn has revealed that Michael Cole had some incredibly high praise for his recent match with Johnny Knoxville.

At WrestleMania 38 Sami Zayn met Johnny Knoxville in one of the more chaotic matches that the ‘Showcase of the Immortals’ has ever seen.

There was interference galore as members of the Jackass crew got involved, a huge number of weapons, tables and even a giant mousetrap. One of the run-ins during the match, saw Jackass star Wee-Man attack Zayn and hit him with a body-slam.

At the commentary desk, the already animated Pat McAfee nearly combusted, but more surprisingly his reaction was matched by the normally more reserved Michael Cole.

On a recent episode of the Pat McAfee Show, Evan Fox shared a picture-in-picture clip of the moment which showed Cole and McAfee reacting to the action. The video has since gone viral and caught the attention of Sami Zayn himself.

Zayn shared the clip while commenting that Michael Cole had told him that the match was the most fun he’d had calling a match in his 25 year career.

“I love this video. One of the biggest compliments I got about the Wrestlemania match with Johnny Knoxville was Michael Cole, who’s seen & called it all for 25 years, saying it was the most fun he’s had calling a match. He & Pat added so much. What a party.”

Speaking in the aftermath of the match, Zayn said that the clash was one of his all-time favourites and one of the matches that he is most proud of.

Since being defeated by Knoxville, Zayn has entered into a feud with Drew McIntyre. To date, the feud has featured McIntyre trying to beat up the former Intercontinental Champion who is doing everything he can to escape. On the most recent episode of SmackDown, the pair met in a Lumberjack Match but the lumberjacks began brawling, giving Zayn a chance to escape once more.

It was then announced by Adam Pearce that the two men will meet in a Cage Match on April 29th.