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Sami Zayn Loves Sneaking “Political Undertones” Into His TV Character

Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn has discussed bringing elements of his personal and political beliefs into his television character and says he can’t believe he gets away with some things he says.

Zayn has been portraying a paranoid conspiracy theorist in recent months. The former NXT Champion appears convinced there is some sort of subterfuge in place in WWE that is stopping him from rising to the top.

Speaking to Renée Paquette on her Oral Sessions podcast, Zayn stated that he loved working his own beliefs into the character’s presentation.

Zayn explained:

“I’ll tell you, I love being able to sneak little, there’s a lot of little political undertones and things like that to my character and I love that every now and then I’m able to sneak these little snarky remarks in or I weave them into my character.”

“That’s one thing I’m really happy about is when we talk about the evolution of the character. It’s that there is so much of me in there, and the character’s gone further and further where now I’m able to sneak in the little things that I want to get in there that I’m really happy about. Like I think I cut this promo on Thanksgiving, calling it ‘a holiday that celebrates the genocide against the indigenous population’, and I couldn’t believe I got away with saying that. It got on television and I was so proud, I was so proud that I got to say that on WWE programming.”

In recent weeks Zayn has sent messages back and forth over social media with YouTube star Logan Paul. Paul has accepted an invitation from Zayn to join him as his guest on SmackDown.

Sami Zayn is also set for a WrestleMania match with a very familiar opponent. Zayn’s sometimes friend/sometimes rival Kevin Owens challenged him to a match at the ‘Show of Shows.’

That one-on-one match comes three years after the two men teamed up at WrestleMania. In Daniel Bryan’s return match, he and Shane McMahon defeated Owens and Zayn.

Credit: Oral Sessions

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