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Sami Zayn Calls Out Individuals Who Criticise Sports Entertainment

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The term ‘sports entertainment’ is often found to be derogatory to professional wrestling, but Sami Zayn thinks otherwise.

Over the years, the term ‘sports entertainment’ has been used by WWE to describe its product, with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon seemingly detesting his company being referred to as professional wrestling. Sami Zayn is onboard with him, as revealed in a new interview with talkSPORT and Inside The Ropes’ Alex McCarthy.

The former Intercontinental Champion ridiculed fans who believe there’s a difference between the two, stating there’s an important aspect in seeing how two (or more) fighters reach their scheduled fight through storylines:

“Yeah. So let’s address that one for a minute. Just sports entertainment and pro wrestling. It’s the same thing. People want to make these crazy, weird divisions over semantics. Wrestling is entertainment. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not. Wrestling even in its purest form, even if you’re, you know, going out there, just ingesting it. Grappling two wrestlers in black trunks. It’s still entertainment by nature.”

Sami Zayn continued, citing his WrestleMania 36 clash with Daniel Bryan as a key example of why storytelling is important in WWE, as opposed to a pure 30-minute wrestling match between the pair:

“You know, sure. Yes, I would have [loved to go 30 minutes]. However, I’m actually very proud of that match for a few reasons. One is because nobody was in the building and if you watch that little brief era, pandemic era/pre-Thunderdome, in fact.

Just empty PC, a lot of those matches on that WrestleMania feel very weird and I think part of it is because, and this isn’t me to disparage anybody else, but a lot of the guys who are working here now on top or in a good enough spot to be at WrestleMania might not have the experience of wrestling in front of nobody and by nobody I mean, you know, five or ten people, 20 people.”

Sami Zayn is currently scheduled to face Jackass star Johnny Knoxville in an Anything Goes match on the second night of WrestleMania 38. Zayn had previously eliminated Knoxville from the 2022 men’s Royal Rumble match, with the pair having been embroiled in a hilarious feud for the majority of the year thus far.

Joining WWE in January 2013, Sami Zayn re-signed with the company earlier this year, as was confirmed by Fightful Select. The exact length of his new contract is unknown, though the former El Generico is expected to be with WWE for “several more years”.

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