Sami Zayn Confronts Jey Uso On SmackDown

Sami Zayn cuts a promo

It was an extremely eventful episode of SmackDown as WWE moves ever closer to WrestleMania. To hammer home how important it was, the show started, and ended, with Sami Zayn.

The show had been built around Zayn confronting Jey Uso after Uso’s betrayal, but that was saved for the final segment. Before that, Zayn had business with Cody Rhodes, who called him and Kevin Owens out.

Cody tried to act as peacemaker between the two Canadian wrestlers and he also tried to convince Kevin Owens to hear Zayn out one more time. Zayn once again pleaded for Owens to join him in his war against the Usos, but Owens declined.

After a commercial break, this segment continued in the parking lot as Zayn tried one last time by reminding Owens that they were brothers and he loved him. Owens said nothing and then left the arena in his car.

After all sort of other chaos, Jey Uso came to the ring and was then met by Zayn, who demanded an explanation. Jey kept saying he had no choice but Sami didn’t buy it. Sami said that Jey wasn’t mad at Sami for hitting Reigns with a chair; he was mad he couldn’t hit Reigns with it first.

Sami Zayn’s confrontation with Jey Uso leads to explosive conclusion on SmackDown

As the crowd chanted “you’re not Ucey”, Jey attacked Sami. Then Jimmy came in to save Jey and then the two of them hit Zayn with the steel ringsteps. It seemed like they were preparing to do seriously injure Zayn when, suddenly, Owens’ music played.

The Usos stood in the ring staring up the entrance ramp, waiting for Owens to come down. but instead of coming down the ramp, Owens came up from behind them and took both of them out. He dropped Jimmy with a Stunner and then hit Jey with a pop-up powerbomb, sending both Usos out to the floor.

The crowd died down for a quick second until they chanted “hug it out” to Owens and Zayn. It took less than five seconds for Owens to walk up to his ‘brother’ and give him a huge hug, which made the crowd go nuts.

With this Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have reunited. All that remains is for the official confirmation that a match between the Usos and Owens & Zayn to be made for WrestleMania.

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