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Sami Zayn Challenges Johnny Knoxville To WrestleMania Clash

Sami Zayn Johnny Knoxville

Sami Zayn’s frustrations with Jackass star Johnny Knoxville have reached boiling point with the now-former Intercontinental Champion challenging Knoxville to a match at WrestleMania!

During the latest edition of SmackDown, a fast-paced Intercontinental match between Ricochet and Sami Zayn opened the show. The two men went hell for leather with Ricochet being on the receiving end of an Exploder Suplex on the apron and nasty-looking Powerbomb. However, the former United States Champion fought back regaining the upper hand.

However, the bout was interrupted by Johnny Knoxville who came to ringside and distracted Zayn, allowing Ricochet to roll him up into a pin and score the victory! This marks Ricochet’s first United States Championship reign and his first singles championship since losing the Intercontinental title to AJ Styles in July 2019.

After the bout, Zayn took out his frustrations on a cameraman backstage before turning his attention to the Jackass star. Sami claimed Knoxville had been constantly following him since the Royal Rumble and said if Knoxville wanted to follow him so badly, he could follow him to Dallas and this year’s WrestleMania.

As of the time of writing, Knoxville has not responded to Zayn’s challenge.

Rumours of the celebrity clash have been rampant over the past few weeks after Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that it “looks like Johnny Knoxville” will compete once again in a WWE ring at WrestleMania 38. It was also reported that the bout could be for the Intercontinental Championship but with Zayn losing the belt, that prospect now looks unlikely.

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