Sami Zayn Almost Left The Bloodline Just 2 Months After Joining

Sami Zayn and Roman Reigns

Sami Zayn shocked the wrestling world last night when he betrayed Bloodline leader Roman Reigns.

At the conclusion of the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event, Roman Reigns ordered Sami Zayn to use a steel chair to assault Kevin Owens, who had just lost a match to Reigns. After much deliberation, Zayn decided not to strike Owens with the chair, but Reigns instead.

This action earned Sami Zayn a beatdown from The Bloodline, in an angle which was preceded by several months of slowly-built hype.

But there was a strong chance that none of this could have ever happened, as Zayn revealed this week.

Sami Zayn Almost Left The Bloodline Just 2 Months After Joining

In an interview with Ariel Helwani, Sami Zayn spoke about his history with The Bloodline and how he almost left the group early.

“Where I thought it could go is eventually you know, you get close and whatever, and then whatever. And it could all lead to like a turn, what a way, that would be the turn or whatever. So I kind of had this idea of how it could go, I just didn’t think it would actually happen.”

“In fact, even when the Bloodline stuff started. About two months in I was like, Okay, I don’t think this is going anywhere. I think maybe it’s time to just, you know, go in a different direction.”

“But then, God, it must have been even three months. And then what happened is finally the stars kind of aligned because me and Roman were kept away from each other for the first few months, I think by design, I can’t say for sure, but I think.”

“And then finally, Montreal Smackdown. Jey Uso is not there, Jimmy Uso is not there, Heyman’s not there, stars just kind of align, hey, we’re finally on screen together. And there’s some good chemistry. And the crowd there obviously loves me, so that heightened everything. And that really gave it a whole new life, that was in August. And currently we’re almost at the end of January.”

“So I’m not going to say definitively that I could have envisioned myself being where I’m at right now, because obviously the answer’s no. But I could have envisioned like, hey, if we did this story, and we do it right, I could see it ending up hot, this hot. But again, it was still exceeded my expectations. And I still didn’t think it would actually happen. So a lot, a lot has gone on.”

“But if you told me could you have thought of a clever story with Roman that would end up with you, you know, really, as a hot babyface, I would have actually said yeah, cuz I kind of had an idea of something like that. But a year and a half ago. Again, I just didn’t think it would actually happen.”

It is unclear what is next for Sami Zayn and the Bloodline, or even Sami Zayn and his on-again, off-again friend Kevin Owens. Viewers will anticipate this week’s WWE television shows Raw and SmackDown to reveal the next stage in this storyline.