“That’s Sad” – Jim Cornette On Talent Who’s Gone Unused Since Triple H Takeover

Jim Cornette laughing

Jim Cornette has recently spoken about a certain WWE talent who hasn’t been used since Triple H taking over on the creative end.

With Triple H now taking over as the head of creative for WWE we have seen a handful of returns that include Dakota Kai, Karrion Kross, Scarlett, Hit Row, Dexter Lumis, and Johnny Gargano.

Along with the many returns, we have seen some talent not be utilized as much as they were when Vince McMahon was still around. We have also seen some talent compete more than others.

It seems as though Triple H is trying to change some things within the company for the better as many fans are being introduced to these former NXT stars.

Lacey Evans made her return to the company in a series of vignettes that made one feel really bad for her and had many thinking that she would return as a babyface. Once she appeared live on TV, she quickly turned into a twisted heel.

Jim Cornette pointed out this weird direction of booking and how the WWE star hasn’t been used since the Triple H takeover on the Jim Cornette Experience:

“And you know, that’s sad actually, because as we said she was a good heel. She had personality. She had a good heel demeanour, haven’t seen much of her wrestling but it didn’t look like it was rotten, as I recall. But how she got there to being a heel was the most ignorant way to build a heel I’ve ever seen by making them the greatest person in the world who’s overcome every tragedy and be as admirable a person as possible, but now ‘I’m better than you are.”

“What? Where did that come from? So now they can’t make her a baby face again it wouldn’t take because what’s she going to do come out and say ‘Oh sh*t, I was just, I was on a rag for three weeks. You know I was really grumpy.’ But at the same time the whole build for the thing was so distasteful that you know, she’s been penalised now, probably a good talent they need you know, all that they can get but what do you do? What do you do?”

Lacey Evans hasn’t made an appearance on WWE programming in a couple of weeks and it seems as if there is nothing planned for her at the moment under the Triple H takeover.

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