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Sabu Claims Several Stars Complained About Test Working Too Stiff

Sabu Rob Van Dam

Former ECW and WWE star Sabu has revealed several of his colleagues took issue with former Intercontinental Champion Test because of his in-ring style.

In 2006 following the second One Night Stand pay-per-view, WWE relaunched the ECW brand and brought in a host of former stars from the promotion to be a part of it, including Sabu.

The ECW brand under WWE’s umbrella quickly became a place for lesser-used talents to try and make a name for themselves, with one such star being Test. Test had originally left WWE in 2004 but was brought back by the company seemingly to be a featured star on ECW.

Speaking to WSI, Sabu discussed working with Test and how he was not popular with his peers because of his attitude and how he worked in the ring:

“When he was getting too stiff, he got taken down. Everybody who worked with him complained, and I’m not a complainer. When I complain, there’s something wrong. The office, they took him out of his position because they thought he was gonna be the leader of ECW and he just ended up being another guy.”

“I didn’t like him. He thought he was the new ECW leader and he was gonna boss everybody around. He tried bossing me around and I didn’t like it. He goes like, ‘Vince says I gotta kick you hard in the face.’ I said, ‘But if you can’t work it, you can’t kick me hard in the face.’ He says, ‘No, I have to.’ He kicked me hard in the face and I never let him again.”

Sabu and Test both left WWE at different times in 2007. While Sabu continued working for many years before announcing his retirement in 2021, sadly Test passed away following an accidental overdose in 2009 at the age of just 33.

h/t Sportskeeda