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Sabu Recalls Missing Out On $400,000 Contract With WCW

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ECW legend Sabu has appeared all over the world for numerous different companies of all shapes and sizes, but it’s one of the deals that he didn’t make which stands out.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet alongside Super Genie Melissa Coates Sabu has detailed how he missed out on a potential $400,000 contract with WCW. The former ECW World Champion has revealed that his delay in signing gave Paul Heyman enough time to threaten legal action against WCW, which caused the offer to be withdrawn.

Reacting to a question about a story Kevin Sullivan told about Sabu being offered $400,000, Sabu explained that the offer was actually for a little more.

“It was a little more than that but close enough. It was 1 year guaranteed, 2 years maybe. They [WCW] offered me some money, I went down to have a meeting with JJ Dillon and Kevin Sullivan. They offered me this huge contract, and I was sh*tting my pants. So I said “let me take this back to my hotel and read it.” Kevin said “don’t read it just sign it.” I said “I have to read it,” when really I just wanted to tell my mother before I signed it just for the hell of it. But when I called my mother, she had a heart attack on the phone before I could tell her. So I hung up the phone and flew right home, and I was in intensive care with my mother. So I called Kevin Sullivan from the ICU and said I’ve got that contract I’m going to fax it over to you now. Kevin goes “too late,” and I lost the contract in 6 hours. They dropped it so quickly because Paul [Heyman] called up WCW offices and threatening to sue [WCW].”

Reflecting on the offer further, Sabu revealed that he was also offered some other perks with the contract, including getting to choose his own manager. In Sullivan’s telling of the story, he believes that Sabu would have gone on to be a big star in the company, something the hardcore legend agrees with.

“I hope so, I think so yeah. Kevin liked my gimmick, he was going to give me a guy to talk for me. Even a guy of my choice, a manager my choice and a few other luxuries. I was freaked out so bad I had to tell my mother first.”

Sabu then lifted the lid on his slightly left-field managerial choice, former WCW star Tommy Rich. The ‘Human Highlight Reel’ further explained that the appeal of them joining forces was that they were total opposties.

Elsewhere in the interview, Sabu discussed his history with Barbed Wire matches, divulging that despite his reputation, he didn’t actually like doing them.