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Sabu Recalls Messing Up During A Conversation With Vince McMahon – “I Shouldn’t Have Said That”

Vince McMahon

Former WWE Superstar Sabu has recalled offending WWE Chairman Vince McMahon with his comments about McMahon’s abilities as a competitor.

The former ECW Champion finally began a stint in WWE in 2006 ahead of the second ECW One Night Stand event where he faced Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Shortly after that bout, Sabu found himself engaged in a feud with John Cena which was kickstarted when Sabu drove Cena through an announce table with his patented top rope leg drop.

Speaking to Title Match Wrestling, Sabu discussed how Vince McMahon wanted to discuss the move with Sabu beforehand and revealed how he put his foot squarely in his own mouth with his comments to McMahon, who had injured his tailbone taking a fall through the commentary table years earlier:

“We walk out to the ring and he goes, ‘I did a bump on this table and I busted my ass.’ I went, ‘Well, that’s you.’ But I shouldn’t have said that. I go, ‘That’s you, of course you busted your ass. You’re the sh*ts.’ But I shouldn’t have said that. ‘Yeah, that’s you but I’m not gonna do that.’ Even if it’s possible, I’m not gonna listen to him.”

“Yes, he did [take offense to the comment], yes, he did.”

This wasn’t the only time when Sabu’s comments may not have gone down well with Vince McMahon after he revealed he scoffed at McMahon’s plans to make him the ECW equivalent of Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan:

“Vince made a remark saying, ‘You could be the Steve Austin or the Hulk Hogan of ECW,’ and I giggled. I went [laughs], ‘Who the f*** wants to do that?’ I didn’t know he was serious. He wanted me to be like the King of ECW who didn’t wrestle much, which I didn’t understand at the time.”

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription