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Sabu Reveals How Much He Was Paid For WWE Video Game Appearance

Sabu WWE SmacDown vs Raw 2008

Former WWE Superstar and ECW Original Sabu has discussed the dollars and cents that come with an appearance in a WWE video game.

Sabu had been competing in the ring since the mid-eighties but made his name in the diverse pot of talent that made up Paul Heyman’s ECW. In only Sabu’s second match in the promotion, he defeated Shane Douglas to become ECW Heavyweight Champion.

“The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Maniac” left ECW for good in 2000 and went on to have a run in TNA before joining WWE when they relaunched the extreme brand once again for the second One Night Stand pay-per-view in 2006. Sabu stayed with the company until his contract expired in May 2007.

Sabu was discussing his career on Title Match Wrestling’s YouTube channel and revealed the sum of money he was paid for royalties related to the SmackDown vs. Raw video game:

“I got royalties from WWE, not from ECW. I got pretty good cheques there in the beginning. I even got a hell of a payoff for a video game. I’m in [SmackDown vs. Raw 2008] and I got a hell of a payoff for that. They didn’t put me in another video game after that though, they had it so you could build me so they wouldn’t have to pay me.”

“[The cheques] were every three months and those were good. You’d get your royalty cheque and your regular cheque in the same cheque so it’s kinda confusing because you’ll get a big old cheque and you wanna know how much you’ve been paid for wrestling, how much you made for this and that, and it shows you that you make very little for wrestling, most of it was on merchandise.”

“I was only in one video game and they paid me almost a hundred thousand dollars for it. I was hoping I was gonna be in another one but I never was.”

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