Sabu Names His Top Three Hardcore Legends Of All Time


The term “legend” gets thrown around quite a bit in the world of pro wrestling, but Sabu is certainly one of them. However, the former ECW Champion has his own short list that fit the “hardcore” genre.

Sabu was fielding a few questions on X (formerly known as Twitter) and a fan asked him who he would put in his top three list of “hardcore legends.” Sabu listed his three names in order starting with The Sheik, in the second spot was Terry Funk and coming in third was Mick Foley.

Sabu’s List Is “Hardcore” Certified

Sabu has fought his share of legends but the number one on his list was his uncle and the man who trained him in The Sheik. He, along with Rob Van Dam, learned how to work under Sheik, who indoctrined a snug and legitimate fight style for the two, which paid off in adding to the two star’s credibility in ECW.

Sabu also had one of his most memorable ECW matches against the second name on his list in Terry Funk at Born To Be Wired 1997. The match was a barbed wire bout and Sabu came out victorious against Funk to win the ECW World Title.

Finally, Sabu’s history with Foley goes back to the Eastern Championship Wrestling days of ECW as he battled Cactus Jack in the main event of Hostile City Showdown in 1994 at the ECW Arena.

With WrestleMania 40 taking place in Philadelphia next year, Sabu may have to be in the conversatoin for a top WWE Hall Of Fame candidate.