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Sabu Says Kurt Angle Was “A Pain In The A**” To Work With

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ECW Legend Sabu has claimed that Kurt Angle was a “pain in the a** to work with” despite being a great wrestler and a great worker.

After a Hall of Fame worthy run in WWE, Kurt Angle wrestled what was at the time his final match for the company in August 2006 as as part of the ECW brand. At the time the ECW roster was a mismatch of ‘ECW originals’ and WWE Superstars with the two extremes being thrown together in one melting pot.

This in turn led to a number of unexpected match-ups including a clash between Sabu and Kurt Angle. While both men showed little to no regard for their own welfare during their careers, that’s where the similarities ended. The ECW star throwing caution to the wind with barbed wire and tables, while Angle favoured hard-hitting technical battles. Despite this, on August 8th the two men met in the ring for the one and only time.

Appearing on the Wrestle Buddy podcast, Sabu recalled the unlikely contest. The ECW legend said that Angle was a great worker and a great wrestler, but his perfectionism made him a “pain in the a** to work with.”

“Kurt Angle. Yeah, he was kind of a pain in the a** to go over a match with, kind of. He was a great wrestler and a great worker, but a pain in the a** to go over a match with. He kept wanting to fine tune it, instead of letting us do it in the ring. Kept finer tuning it. Yes, [Kurt’s a perfectionist] but so am I but I’m still a professional. I know what I’m doing, you know? I’m a perfectionist too but part of my perfectionist is that I call it on my feet or take it by ear,”

During the conversation, Sabu also confirmed that he’s retired. Kind of. The veteran explained that his back is in bad shape and that’s preventing him from competing, although if he recovers, he will be back.

“Yes [I’m retired], not officially. I’m done for now because my back is so bad. I can hardly walk. There’s no way I can wrestle without huge pain and my quality of wrestling is terrible so, I’m embarrassed to get in the ring right now. Until I get better and get back in shape, I’m not gonna.

If my back pain goes away [I might get back in the ring]. My back pain is the worst I’ve ever had and it hasn’t gotten better. It’s been almost over a year, almost two years now my back’s been bad.

Yeah, yeah I did [have my back looked at by doctor] and they said the only thing that’ll probably fix me is surgery and I don’t wanna do that.”

Shortly after his match with Sabu, Kurt Angle left WWE, heading to IMPACT Wrestling. He remained away from WWE until 2017, wrestling his last match two years later.

Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, Angle refused to rule-out a return to the ring.

H/t to POST Wrestling for the transcription.