Sabu Hospitalised After ‘Serious Medical Emergency’


The hardcore legend Sabu was recently hospitalised after suffering a ‘serious medical emergency’.

The former ECW Champion was scheduled to appear at the Squared Circle Expo III, which took place on April 7th and 8th, 2023 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

However, his appearance was cut short after he had to be rushed to hospital following a “serious medical emergency”. The expo issued a press release providing some information on the situation.

ATTN: Due to having a serious medical emergency while on the show floor, Sabu will not be appearing for the remainder of the Expo. He is currently in route to a local medical facility.

All pro photo op for the ECW pillars pro op and Sabu/RVD pro op will be refunded CASH IN HAND at the pro photo op at their scheduled times.

Our thoughts are with Sabu and all of his ECW colleagues at this time as we await for some hopefully positive news on his status.

Thank you for understanding

Sabu Provided A Positive Health Update

Following the worrying announcement the hardcore legend took to social media to post an update on his health and thanked the fans for their support:

Hello everyone I am doing better and thank you for your well wishes ☝️

Sabu is best known for his time in Extreme Championship Wrestling as the ‘Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Maniac’. He became a huge fan favourite due to his self-destructive violence and weapon-assisted offence.

His hardcore matches against Terry Funk, Taz, and the Sandman are stuff of wrestling legend, but it was his partnership with Rob Van Dam that brought him the most success.

Alongside RVD he won the ECW Tag Team Championships twice. He also tasted singles success as the ECW Heavyweight and Television Champion.

Following WWE’s relaunch of ECW, he joined the promotion and had matches against, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, Kurt Angle, and the Big Show to name but a few.

He also wrestled for WCW, TNA/IMPACT! Wrestling, AJPW, and Frontier Martial Arts.

All at Inside The Ropes wish Sabu a speedy recovery.