Sable Was Forced To Apologise To Top Stars Before WWE Return


Sable signed with WWE in 1996 alongside her husband Marc Mero. She remained with the company until 1999. Following her departure, she filed a lawsuit against the company citing sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions.

After pursuing a Hollywood career that didn’t pan out, the star returned to WWE in 2003. Sable remained with the company for just a year before leaving again, expressing a desire to spend more time with her family.

During her initial spell with WWE Sable became one of the most popular stars in the company. However, by the time of her exit in 1999, she was said to be unpopular backstage due to her arrogant attitude.

In a new interview with Steve Fall, Marc Mero recalled Sable deciding to leave WWE and sue the company. The former Intercontinental Champion explained that they were still married at the time and he followed her out the door. This meant walking away from a deal worth between $350,000-$400,000 per year.

“What happened was once we left the WWE, and it’s public knowledge. What I’m saying right here is just public knowledge that she sued the WWE, WWF back then, for sexual harassment, because of different things that allegedly were happening. And of course, I stood behind her and missed out on, I think I was making like $350,000-$400,000 a year and I had three years left on my contract, and I walked away with it with her to leave the company.

And in that time, we got to an apartment in Studio City, California, Hollywood, because she was pursuing an acting career. And so we had this apartment there. And of course, I would fly back to Orlando and take care of our daughter because she was in school, so I would stay with her while Rena was in California pursuing her acting career. She got a few gigs…had small, small parts and movies and so on.”

How Did Sable Return To WWE?

Continuing on, Mero stated that a lot of people were upset when Sable returned to WWE in 2003, and Vince McMahon made sure she apologized to those concerned.

“And I’ll never forget she said to me, I think she was just getting a little, just disappointed with her Hollywood career. And she said, ‘What do you think about me going back to the WWF?’ And I said, ‘Oh, my gosh, absolutely not after suing them after everything we’ve been through. I know that the other wrestlers are disgruntled, you’re not going to be liked there. I can tell you right now, Vince will never take your phone call.’ And she said, ‘I already called them’ and I was blown away.

But still supported her like if that’s what you want to do, I’ll stay home and take care of our daughter and so she went back to wrestling and she had to apologize to certain people. I think it was The Undertaker or Stone Cold or certain people. Vince made sure that she apologized because a lot of people were upset that she was coming back.

She did that and made amends and went back and you know, had to do what Vince asked her to do. And, you know, then, unfortunately, you know, she fell in love with another wrestler, and while we were still married, and found out about it, and that’s when I filed for divorce and moved on in my life.”

The other wrestler Mero is referring to is Brock Lesnar. Sable and Mero got divorced in 2004, and the former Women’s Champion and Lesnar got married in May 2006.

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