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Ryback Receives Death Threats, Taking Legal Action Against Mark Henry

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Former WWE Intercontinental Champion, Ryback, has revealed that he has received death threats from members of the public due to his social media war-of-words with Mark Henry.

When the spat between former in-ring rivals began, it was contained to social media and the popular Busted Open Radio where both men aired their strong disagreements with each other.

Among other things, Ryback promised to tear Henry’s flesh from his body, while ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ told his opinion of ‘The Big Guy’ being difficult and dangerous to work with citing that was also the opinion of his peers.

Now, Ryback has taken to social media to reveal that he has been receiving death threats from people stemming from his appearance on Busted Open Radio and the things he said about Mark Henry. In a tweet, the powerhouse stated:

“Can’t thank @bustedopenradio enough for giving @themarkhenry a platform to completely lie on behalf of @wwe. Receiving death threats and messages of intent to harm me and my family in 2021 is no joke. F**king disgusting what you guys have provoked with this.”

According to Wrestling Inc., the star is now considering taking legal action against Mark Henry over the dispute in which Ryback claims that the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion slandered him and was cutting a paid advertisement on behalf of WWE. Stating his intention to do, Ryback once again wrote on social media:

“Going to be speaking with my attorney concerning my options for the recent @wwe @themarkhenry @bustedopenradio situation of outright slander. Luckily enough people know me to know the truth, but can’t sit back and allow WWE to further do this. Thanks for the support.”

Away from his dispute with Mark Henry, Ryback has recently talked about what it would take to get him back inside a ring and cited AEW as the destination he sees himself arriving at should the offer be tempting.