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Ryback Looks To AEW For A Return To The Ring

Ryback makes his way to ring

The controversial Ryback has spoken out about when he sees himself returning to the ring and looking to AEW for a second chance at the big-time.

Since leaving WWE in May 2016 after refusing to compete in a Battle Royal due to what he described as a dispute over equal pay and creative differences – the company released him on August 8 – the artist formerly known as Skip Sheffield has been one of the most outspoken and contentious personalities in the industry.

Now, ‘The Big Guy’ has spoken on a potential in-ring return and wanting to head to All Elite Wrestling for the next stage of his mainstream professional wrestling career as he told the Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report:

“I’ve been very vocal I think on one company, that being AEW, I think is the future of pro wrestling. A lot of it is going to be based on conversations I have and me getting back in the ring. That, I’m not worried about. I’ve trained and I’m in condition. You can tell me to work on a 15-minute match next week and I’ll go do it. It’s lining up business-wise. At this stage in the game in life, it’s all business. I love pro wrestling.”

While he’s set on a trip to Jacksonville, Ryback at the same time ruled out ever returning to WWE after bashing the company multiple-times on his podcasts and other platforms:

“I walked away from millions of dollars in the top spot at the biggest company in the world to get my health back. I’ve been nothing but honest. I’ve spoken up for wrestlers from day one. There’s been a lot of heat, negativity, and a lot of lies. I held ground. I learned to literally make more money in the business than with wrestling, which is almost unheard of. Especially with everything going on in the number of lies and ‘BS.’ I’m going to go back to a good situation.

There’s no attitude issues. Everyone that knows me, I get along with. No matter what you do in life, some people love you and some people hate you. No matter what, I’ve been able to keep attention, without even trying these last four and a half years with people. If you look, people will either massively love me and support me, or they massively hate me. It’s typically the same group that hates me and it’s that dirt sheet community that read the lies and that’s all they see. They fail to look at anything positive, which 99% of the content pushed out education on health and fitness mindset.”

Recently, Ryback has made headlines with his heated social media interactions with Mark Henry in which both men have criticised each other and promised to sort out differences physically should they ever meet in person again.

Credit for the interview: Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.