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Ryback Faces Social Media Backlash Following Abhorrent Vince McMahon Comment

Ryback makes his way to ring

Former WWE Superstar Ryback has faced a backlash on social media after aiming abuse at Vince McMahon’s late mother in now-deleted tweets.

Ryback has once again raised the ire of wrestling fans on social media. In a now-deleted Twitter tirade seemingly in reaction to the latest releases from the company, he accused Vince McMahon of having an “insatiable urge for control”. However, he stepped over the line for many when he brought up McMahon’s difficult childhood and then went even further by calling the WWE Chairman’s late mother a “wh*re”.

“@VinceMcMahon like most promoters has an insatiable urge to have control. He had no control watching his mom get beat up as a child, which is a horrendous thing for a kid to witness, as their wh*re mom tries to make ends meet. Vince has failed to evolve. F*ck you old man.

“It’s so crazy how many people are ok with a psycho billionaire toying with innocent people’s lives and whoring out a human circus, but can’t stand the actual truth of that man’s psychological weakness. 48 Laws of Power. Your clock is ticking old man. You take nothing with you.” (H/T WrestlingNews.co)

Reactions to the tweets have included calling The Big Guy “pathetic”, reminding him that users voted for him to retire in a recent poll, to calling for him to apologise.

Despite the tweets being deleted, Ryback responded to one user to say that he would not apologise for the comments and stands by what he said.

One thing that most agreed on was that Ryback had achieved something few other wrestlers had ever been able to do, united pro wrestling fandom, albeit in their mutual dislike for the former Intercontinental Champion.

Meanwhile, “in honor” of the comments, Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp decided to revisit Ryback being roasted by Bryan Danielson and Dolph Ziggler on a classic edition of WWE’s Table For 3.

Following his release from WWE in 2016, Ryback spent several years wrestling for various promotions on the independent scene. His last match to date saw him defeat Dylan Bostic at NEW Wrestling Under The Stars Bristol event on August 25th, 2018.