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Ruthless Aggression Season 2 Confirmed For 2021

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WWE Senior Producer, Steve Conoscenti, has confirmed that the second season of Ruthless Aggression will return to the WWE Network in 2021.

Following the airing of Season One in 2020, fans clamoured for more of the in-depth, behind the scenes stories that the company provided on the likes of Brock Lesnar, the war between Raw and SmackDown, Evolution and the rise of John Cena and were given hope when in March 2020 a second offering was said to have been commissioned.

After a trailer for the next series of documentaries was released soon after the news of a commission, everything went silent when parts of WWE were forced to go dark following the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, almost one year later, the series is about to see the light of day according to WWE Senior Producer, Steve Conoscenti, who spoke to Wrestling Inc:

“In terms of new series’ that are coming out there. The series like WWE 24, The Icon Series, Ruthless Aggression Season 2…that’s coming soon. So I think a lot more coming from the brands you already know and more brands will keep popping up.”

With Ruthless Aggression 2 in the pipeline, fans can expect to see stories on the Raw Diva Search, Tough Enough, the creation of Elimination Chamber, Money in the Bank and Ohio Valley Wrestling which many are looking to a Jim Cornette appearance to cap off seeing as he owned part of the developmental system during the period.

However, with the series still some months away, the producer gave fans a sneak peak into the upcoming WWE Icons series which will hit screens on January 31 following the 2021 Royal Rumble:

“We’re doing a series on WWE Network, called WWE Icons, it’s the story of them as people not just as a wrestler. So we’re here in Elmira to capture the essence of Beth Phoenix’s upbringing, she’s done so much in Elmira, she was an athlete in the school, she talks about how she loved growing up here. It was important for us to show instead of just say. In our business, things aren’t always what they seem on TV/ When someone talks about what they want to be when the grow up, it’s extremely important to see it so that you can connect more with it, someone sees something like that, Beth Phoenix came from here – she can do it and I can to. So I think what you’ll see is a lot of her home life, raising two kids amid a pandemic, her husband, Edge, made a comeback and then got hurt. Her juggling everything and then her time as a commentator on NXT. So we did a bunch at her house, the craziness of her daily life is. Even before WWE, we’ve got plenty of stuff on the independent days. [We] hear from her wrestling coaches, hearing from her coaches. It’s a lot of Beth that maybe you didn’t know of her other than her throwing people around in the ring.”

WWE Icons will see individual documentaries on the likes of Yokozuna, Beth Phoenix, Lex Luger and The British Bulldog to name a few.

Credit for the interview: Wrestling Inc.

h/t for the transcription: Fightful