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Rush Gives Update On His Status With AEW

Rush Ring Of Honor

Former Ring of Honor World Champion Rush has given an update on his status with AEW after he made his unexpected debut for the company at Double Or Nothing.

At Double or Nothing, Andrade El Idolo was shown in a backstage segment where he said he was fed up with being associated with losers in the AFO. After vowing that it was time for a change, Andrade introduced the world to his new business partner, Rush.

Rush and Andrade go all the way back to 2010 during their time in Mexican promotion CMLL. The pair teamed together for five years, forming Los Ingobernables in 2014.

Speaking to Lucha Libre Online, Rush has given an update on his status with AEW and confirms that he has yet to sign a contract with the company but his focus is on having some unbelievable dream matches in the lad of All Elite:

“I am grateful to Tony Khan for giving me the opportunity. We are still under talks and negotiations. For now, there are just dates (not a full-time contract). I already did the first jump, which is being in the PPV, and not just a segment, but they gave it the value that both Rush and Andrade have. They left that promo for the end. Nobody expected it, not even my own family.”

“For now, my objective is AEW. I am now in AEW and I want to face the biggest names. I want everything! I am not going for the minimum. You name it! CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, (Jon) Moxley, Samoa Joe, the best they have (to offer).”

“Imagine Rush vs Samoa Joe. There’s a lot of material. Bryan Danielson vs Toro Blanco Rush, two ex ROH World Champions against each other. There’s Moxley, which they state is the most extreme one. They need to see a real Mexican badass. A lot of people have requested this match… Rush vs. Kenny Omega. We can finally have that match.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.