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Ruby Soho Says AEW Is “Critical” To Women’s Revolution

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Ruby Soho is the newest member of All Elite Wrestling’s women’s division and says she thinks the company is playing a critical role in the women’s evolution in wrestling.

At AEW All Out, Ruby Soho stunned the world as she made her AEW debut as the joker in the Casino Battle Royale match. Coming out to a deafening reception, the former Ruby Riott wasted no time in letting the fellow women of AEW know what’s she’s all about.

The battle royal for a chance to face the AEW Women’s World Champion came down to Soho and former NWA Women’s Worlds Champion, Thunder Rosa. In the end, a gamengiri from Ruby Soho was enough to send Rosa to the floor eliminating her from the match.

Speaking at the post-All Out media scrum, the new number one contender to Britt Baker’s AEW Women’s World Title was asked how she thought AEW fit into the women’s revolution in wrestling:

“I think AEW is a critical part of that. I think the level of importance that is put on the women’s division here, it’s so apparent. You see different women each week. It’s not the same people. You see different women from different backgrounds all thriving, and succeeding, and intertwining with each other, and you can go on these journeys with these women. And these women have a voice, and I think this place is a crucial part in the evolution that is women’s wrestling. And I think I’m very, very fortunate to be a part of it.”

Soho also let Baker know that she wasn’t going to waste any time in gunning for her now she has a shot at her title in the bank:

“I knew I was up against a lot to get to this opportunity. Having been through this very, very, very long, almost 11 year journey to get here, to get to this moment, to get to the legitimate pinnacle of my entire wrestling career, which is tonight, and gain the opportunity at the AEW Women’s Championship, is the most special and significant thing in the world to me. And I don’t plan on wasting any time because it’s been 11 years. I’m gonna hit the ground running, and I’m coming for Britt Baker whether she likes it or not.”

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription