Ruby Soho Recalls The Moment She “Peaked” In AEW

Ruby Soho entrance

Ruby Soho has revealed that one standout moment in AEW was the peak of her wrestling career to date.

After being released by WWE in June 2021, the former Ruby Riott set about tweaking her character and setting out on a new chapter of her wrestling journey.

As it transpired, this new chapter saw her arrive in AEW on September 5th at All Out. Under the name Ruby Soho, the star appeared as the “Joker” entrant in the Casino Battle Royale. Soho went on to win the match and earn herself a shot at then-AEW Women’s World Champion Britt Baker.

The star took her new ring-name from the Rancid song of the same name, and was played to the ring by the band at Double or Nothing when she took on Britt Baker in the final of the Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament.

During an appearance on an AEW panel at GalexyCon Soho revealed this entrance was the peak of her AEW career to date.

“At Double or Nothing when Rancid played me out, I peaked. I will never be cooler than that moment ever. I should have just retired because it’s all downhill from there. That was honestly something that I never thought in a million years that I would ever be able to experience. I’m so grateful to Tony Khan for orchestrating that and making that happen.”

Soho added that the song helped set the tone for her identity in AEW.

“My friendship with Lars [Frederiksen] has really kind of set the tone for my identity in AEW. Being called Ruby Soho, being able to come out to the best entrance music in the history of professional wrestling.”

Elsewhere during the panel Ruby Soho admitted that while she has no plans to retire in the near future she’s currently held together by “toothpicks and bubblegum” as wrestling continues to take a huge toll on her body.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.