Ruby Soho Debuts In AEW With Victory In Women’s Casino Battle Royale

Ruby Soho

After numerous teases on social media in recent weeks, Ruby Soho has finally arrived at her new destination. AEW.

Appearing as The Joker in the Casino Battle Royale, Soho was visibly moved by the thunderous reaction from the fans as she made her way to the ring. However, by the time she stepped inside the ropes, she was all business. Carrying all of the momentum and good-will from the capacity crowd, Soho was quickly into the final three alongside Nyla Rose and Thunder Rosa.

Rosa and Soho teamed up to try and eliminate Rose, and the tactic proved successful with Rosa getting the better of the former Women’s Champion.

This left Soho and Rosa to battle it out to the finish. The two women exchanged chops, eventually fighting to the apron where Soho came out on top after a gamenguiri to eliminate Rosa.

In winning, Ruby Soho earned a shot at the AEW Women’s Championship.

Ruby Soho, formerly known as Ruby Riott was released by WWE on June 2nd alongside new roster-mate Malakai Black and four other Superstars.

After leaving WWE, many expected the star to return to her ‘Heidi Lovelace’ moniker, but after revealing that she never liked the name, she became Ruby Soho. A tribute to the song by Rancid with the same title.

As far as a return to wrestling, Soho played her cards close to her chest. As speculation began to swirl linking the star with AEW, Soho released a series of vignettes teasing her next move.

In the first she narrowly misses a train that was going to New York from Orlando. While in the second the star deals with missing the train by stealing a car.

The third clip found Soho finally in New York, moving away from her past and towards something new. The video finished with a brief glimpse of a screen that said “Destination _ _ _ _ _ _ _.” Eagle-eyed quickly noted that the letters to spell out ‘Chicago’ (The home of All Out) fit perfectly in the spaces.