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Ruby Soho Says AEW Debut Was “Everything I Wanted It To Be And More”

Ruby Soho making her entrance

Speaking exclusively to Inside The Ropes, Ruby Soho admitted that she was in tears backstage ahead of her AEW debut at All Out after hearing fans chanting her name.

On June 2nd Ruby Riott, as the now AEW star was known, was released by WWE alongside Malakai Black and four other Superstars. Following her release, many fans hoped that the star would move to AEW and take up a prominent role in their ever-growing women’s roster.

At AEW All Out on September 5th, those fans got their wish as Ruby Soho debuted to a thunderous ovation before winning the Women’s Casino Battle Royale.

Speaking in a new interview with Inside The Ropes’ very own Kenny McIntosh, Ruby Soho reflected on her first night in AEW. When asked why she chose AEW, Soho said that she’d always heard good things about the company, explaining that it felt like home as soon as she walked to the ring in Chicago.

“Honestly, it was probably the moment, I’ve always had a good feeling, a lot of my friends have worked in AEW and they’ve always said wonderful things about it. To be honest I’m just waiting for something to [go wrong], because it’s just too good to be true at this point. This place, it’s so rad, and it’s just so much fun. I love coming to work and everything like that. But they have always had such good things to say about it, I’ve always been a fan of the product.

But the moment where it was like, for sure, this is meant to be, was at All Out. When I debuted and came out to the amazing reception in Chicago, there was not a doubt after that. It was like this is where I am meant to be, this is home for sure.”

Casting her mind back to the moments before she stepped through the curtain at All Out, Soho admitted that she was in tears as fans chanted her name.

“Oh yeah I was so nervous, so nervous. I had no idea how the crowd was going to respond. To me, I knew that it was a really big night, and I was worried. I hoped that they were going to welcome me with open arms, and when they started to chant Ruby Soho prior to me even coming out, it was real to me in that moment. I started crying, I was like OK I’ve got to pull this together, I’ve got to go and wrestle. But it was everything that I wanted it to be and more, it was more than what I expected.

I was nervous before that, but that crowd that night was such a special moment. That was the best moment in my career to date, because it was a culmination of 11 years of work that I had done, and a lot of nervousness coming into it. I was so grateful to the fans there for their warm welcome, it was awesome.”

After debuting to a monster reaction from the crowd, Ruby Soho went on to win the match, eliminating Thunder Rosa to earn a shot at the AEW Women’s World Championship. Soho explained that her favourite part about winning was getting to share the moment with referee Bryce Remberg, who had been present for much of her career.

“I was ecstatic, that was a huge opportunity for me to gain the moment I got there. I didn’t waste any time and I didn’t skip any steps. I just was granted the opportunity to a AEW Women’s World Championship match on my first night. There were some amazing women in the ring with me prior to that, so it was super overwhelming because it was like, OK, it’s time to get to work.

But my favourite part of that whole moment to me was I won the match, I am so excited, then I look to my left and I just saw a referee shirt. I was like please be Bryce [Remberg]. I looked up and I just see Bryce’s smiling face and I was just so happy. I was like ‘HI Bryce!’ and I just hugged him. I have known Bryce for a long time, I’ve known him since the independents.

He’s seen all of the gradual advances in my career and all of the steps I have taken to get to this point. So he knew how hard I worked to get here and how true and happy my emotions were. So to celebrate with him in that moment was a memory that I will literally cherish forever.”

Following her win, Soho challenged Britt Baker for the AEW Women’s Title at AEW Grand Slam but was ultimately defeated. On the most recent episode of Dynamite Soho was back in action in the first round of the TBS Title Tournament. The former WWE Superstar saw off Penelope Ford in impressive style to advance.

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