Ruby Riott Seemingly Reveals New Ring Name

Ruby Riott

Former WWE Superstar Ruby Riott has seemingly landed on a new ring name, taking inspiration from American punk band Rancid.

Ruby Riott was amongst a handful of releases announced by WWE in June 2021. Prior to her tenure with the company Ruby Riott, real name Dori Prange, would appear on the independent circuit as Heidi Lovelace.

Riott’s shock exit from WWE would end her four year run with the company, leaving many fans to wonder what’s next for the former Riott Squad leader. However in recent changes made on her official Instagram account, the former Ruby Riott appears to have renamed herself Ruby Soho. The inspiration for the name comes directly from a Rancid song of the same title from the 1995 album ‘…And Out Come the Wolves’.

The decision behind the name change seemingly comes from Ruby’s recent appearance on the ‘Wrestling Respective Podcast’, featuring co-host and Rancid guitarist Lars Frederiksen. During a discussion between Riott and Frederiksen regarding which name she will use going forward in her career, Riott would reveal her desire to keep Ruby as part of her persona, due to her love for the Rancid song:

“A lot of people think that I’m going back to Heidi Lovelace. There are a multitude of reasons why I don’t want to do that. I was not a fan of that name. It was given to me by the people who trained me in the backyard. They were watching Raw and a commercial for The Hills came on and they were like ‘Heidi, that’s a name’ and they gave it to me. Nobody ever pronounced Lovelace correctly. Why come up with a wrestling name that people can’t pronounce? That’s a terrible idea. A lot of people thought I was going to go back to it. I have no intentions of going back to Heidi Lovelace. I am shopping for a new name I would like to keep [the name Ruby] if it’s possible, I feel like it fits me. Ruby came from Ruby Soho and that’s dear to my heart.”

Lars Frederiksen would then offer to help clear the name, music and any copyright issues for Ruby Soho, allowing the former Ruby Riott to transition into this new persona:

“OK, well, that was gonna be one of my suggestions.Why not just do Ruby Soho? I got a couple guys I know who can clear the music for you. You should [use it]… I swear to God, I can have that cleared. I can get on a group text right now and get you cleared in about ten minutes.”

The former Riott turned Soho would appear elated at the news and, with this latest change on social media, looks to be using the name for her next chapter in professional wrestling. No official plans have been announced in regards of Ruby Soho’s next steps, with her current Instagram bio simply reading “Destination Unknown”. However, it is believed that Soho is subject to the standard ninety-day non-compete clause following her WWE exit. If this is the case, she will become a free agent on Tuesday, August 31.

h/t for Transcription: PWMania

Credit for Interview: Wrestling Perspective Podcast