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Royal Rumble 2021 Live Results

Royal Rumble Results

Live Royal Rumble Results and Analysis including full details of Entrants and Eliminations will be provided during the show [12pm-3am GMT]

Summarise Results:

  • Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler defeated Asuka & Charlotte Flair (c) for the Women’s Tag Team Championship (Kick-Off)
  • Drew McIntyre (c) defeats Goldberg via pinfall to retain the WWE Championship Match
  • Sasha Banks (c) defeats Carmella via Submission to retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship
  • Bianca Belair wins The 2021 Women’s Royal Rumble Match
  • Peter Rosenburg and Alicia Fox Capture the 24/7 Championship
  • Roman Reigns (c) defeats Kevin Owens in a Last Man Standing match for the Universal Championship
  • Edge Wins the 2021 Men’s Royal Rumble

  • Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler defeat Asuka & Charlotte Flair (c) to regain the Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Analysis: All four performers put on a good show however Nia Jax was clearly steps below her fellow in-ring competitors during this match. Early on she miscommunicates several transitions and pieces of offence only for Charlotte/Asuka to try make it work. Flair connects with the Natural Selection onto both challengers, however Shayna kicks out at 2.5, keeping her teams chances alive. As Charlotte [barerly] connects with he moonsault to the outside both Ric Flair and Lacey Evans get involved providing adequate distraction to allow Shayna to connect with the rear-naked however following a loaded women’s right by Evans, Nia Jax drops a weak looking leg drop and the team of Shayna and Nia regain their Women’s Tag Titles.

This was flat after the opening sequences, the Ric Flair and Lacey Evans story is really not for me and honestly neither is the team of Nia and Shayna. Nia overall as a performer really offers nothing to me that I cant get by other more well rounded performers.

Drew McIntyre (c) defeats Goldberg via pinfall to retain the WWE Championship Match

  • Before the bell rings Drew hits Goldberg with a huge headbutt and a spear of his own, however as the two brawl on the outside, Goldberg hits McIntyre with a huge spear through the barricade.
  • Drew hits Goldberg with the Claymore as soon as the bell rang however Goldberg kicks out at 2.5.
  • Goldberg hits a Spear, followed by another Spear however Drew kicks out at 2.9.
  • Drew kicks out of THE JACKHAMMER! Barely but Goldberg is shook.
  • The WWE Champ ducks the Spear and as Goldberg turns round he is hit with the Claymore Kick and McIntyre defeats the WWE Hall of Famer in a fast paced all out brawl.

Analysis: I am prefacing this analysis with the assumption that Goldberg won’t the Rumble at 30 and steal the spotlight from another competitor. This was efficient, effective and well executed. Goldberg came, elevated Drew and hopefully left. No Miz cash in was a pleasant surprise and who knows what is next for the WWE Champion, hopefully Sheamus or Keith Lee.

Sasha Banks (c) defeats Carmella via Submission to retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship

  • Carmella has a Bubba Ray Duddly Style Gear issue which requires constant adjustment.
  • Reginald is sent to the back following an amazing catch of Sasha through the ropes.
  • Carmella did an amazing suicide dive with including a face-plant to the outside but it looks vicious.
  • The match is very even for the most part and a really strong showing from Carmella.
  • A trio of Superkicks gives Carmella a near two-fall however Sasha is able to power out.
  • The Bank Statement in the middle of the ring proves too much for the former Women’s Money in the Back winner as she taps out.

Analysis: This was very fun, Carmella looked immense in ring and as someone who doesn’t get to watch SmackDown every week I really enjoyed this well planned and focused Women’s Title Feud [looking at you Asuka]. I do not know what is next for Sasha but I am sure answers will come in the Rumble.

Women’s Royal Rumble Results

Entry #1 – Bayley [Eliminated by Bianca Belair]

Entry #2 – Naomi [Eliminated by Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler]

Entry #3 – Bianca Belair [Winner]

Entry #4 – Billie Kay [Eliminated by The Riott Squad]

Entry #5 – Shotzi Blackheart [Eliminated by Shayna Baszler]

Entry #6 – Shayna Baszler [Eliminated by Shayna Baszler]

Entry #7 – Toni Storm [Eliminated by Rhea Ripley]

Entry #8 – Jillian Hall [Eliminated By Billie Kay]

Entry #9 – Ruby Riott [Eliminated by Bayley]

Entry #10 – Victoria [Eliminated by Shayna Baszler]

Entry #11 – Peyton Royce [Eliminated by Charlotte]

Entry #12 – Santana Garrett [Eliminated by Rhea Ripley]

Entry #13 – Liv Morgan [Eliminated by Peyton Royce]

Entry #14 – Rhea Ripley [Eliminated by Bianca Belair]

Entry #15 – Charlotte Flair [Elimianted by Rhea and Bianca]

Entry #16 – Dana Brooke [Eliminated by Rhea Ripley]

Entry #17 – Torrie Wilson [Eliminated by Shayna Baszler]

Entry #18 – Lacey Evans [Elimianted by Shayna Baszler]

Entry #19 – Mickie James [Eliminated by Lacey Evans]

Entry #20 – Nikki Cross [Eliminated by Carmella]

Entry #21 –Alicia Fox [Who Pins R-Truth to become 24/7 Champion] [Eliminated by Mandy Rose]

Entry #22 – Mandy Rose [Eliminated by Rhea Ripley]

Entry #23 – Dakota Kai [Eliminated by Rhea Ripley]

Entry #24 – Carmella [Eliminated by Rhea Ripley]

Entry #25 – Tamina [Eliminated by Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler]

Entry #26 – Lana [Eliminated by Natalya]

Entry #27 – Alexa Bliss [Eliminated by Rhea Ripley]

Entry #28 – Ember Moon [Elimianted by Nia Jax]

Entry #29 – Nia Jax [Eliminated by Natalya]

Entry #30 – Natalya [Eliminated by Bianca Belair]

Analysis: This was phenomenal the overlapping stories, the intertwined feuds, the well designed returns/debuts everything felt purpose filled [aside from Santa Garett]. Fresh returns that made this differ from every other Women’s Royal Rumble, and felt fantastically fresh. Up there with the best Rumbles in recent years and an incredible final two.

Roman Reigns (c) defeats Kevin Owens in a Last Man Standing match for the Universal Championship

  • A Brutal Brawl ensues including the duo brawling all the way backstage to the training rings.
  • Roman runs over Owens with a Golf Cart for a 9 count before Owens gets up.
  • Owens ascends up a crane before hitting seton onto Roman through a table, 9.5 count out.
  • Roman Spears Owens through the ‘Tron on the stage and is almost KO’d however he rolls down a elevated platform to remain on his feet.
  • KO handcuffs Roman Reigns whilst down to the LED Lighting rig backstage ,but at the count of nine Roman knocks out the Referee.
  • Paul Heyman cuts the handcuffs open allowing Reigns to choke out Owens with the Guillotine Choke.

Analysis: A fun and high intensity match that served as the perfect palette cleanser for between the two Rumbles. Innes usually covers SmackDown so this was a nice treat for me as it was great fun.

Edge Wins the 2021 Men’s Royal Rumble

Entry #1 – Edge [Winner of the 2021 Royal Rumble]

Entry #2 – Randy Orton [Eliminated by Edge]

Entry #3 – Sami Zayn [Eliminated by The New Day]

Entry #4 – Mustafa Ali [Eliminated by Big E]

Entry #5 – Jeff Hardy [Eliminated by Dolph Ziggler]

Entry #6 – Dolph Ziggler [Eliminated by Kane]

Entry #7 – Shinsuke Nakamura [Eliminated by King Corbin]

Entry #8 – Carlito [Eliminated by Dolph Ziggler]

Entry #9 – Xavier Woods [Eliminated by Mustafa Ali]

Entry #10 – Big E [Eliminated by Omos]

Entry #11 – John Morrison [Eliminated by Damian Priest]

Entry #12 – Ricochet [Eliminated by Kane]

Entry #13 – Elias [Elimianted by Priest]

Entry #14 – Damian Priest [Eliminated by Bobby Lashley]

Entry #15 – The Miz [Eliminated by Damian Priest]

Entry #16 – Matt Riddle [Eliminated by Seth Rollins]

Entry #17 – Daniel Bryan [Eliminated by Seth Rollins]

Entry #18 – Kane [Eliminated by Damian Priest]

Entry #19 – King Corbin [Eliminated by Dominik Mysterio]

Entry #20 – Otis [Eliminated by King Corbin]

Entry #21 – Dominik Mysterio [Eliminated by Bobby Lashley]

Entry #22 – Bobby Lashley [Eliminated by four men]

w #23 – The Hurricane [ Elimianted by Big E and Bobby Lashley]

Entry #24 – Christian [Eliminated by Seth]

Entry #25 – AJ Styles [Eliminated by Braun Strowman]

Entry #26 -Rey Mysterio [Eliminated by Omos]

Entry #27 – Sheamus [Eliminated by Braun Strowman]

Entry #28 – Cesaro [Eliminated by Braun Strowman]

Entry #29 – Seth Rollins [Eliminated by Edge]

Entry #30 – Braun Strowman [Edge, Christian and Seth]