Rosa Mendes Comments On Her ‘Degrading’ & ‘Distasteful’ WWE Gimmick

Rosa Mendes

Rosa Mendes wasn’t a fan of her old WWE gimmick.

Back in 2010 on an edition of WWE Friday Night Smackdown, Rose Mendes made an attempt to become a part of LayCool, who was composed of Layla and Michelle McCool. Instead of embracing her, the heel duo turned down the offer from Mendes, however, that didn’t stop Rosa Mendes from trying further to get into the group, even using creative tactics in an attempt to get their acceptance.

For the rest of the summer, Rosa Mendes was on WWE TV exercising, with her most remembered exercise being her jumping rope, and she was doing all of this in order to join LayCool.

Recently, Mendes appeared on “Ring The Belle” to talk about her past character:

“I was trying to be into LayCool and I was trying to train to be in their group.”

Listening to WWE production, Mendes continued to “train, train, train” during several segments that took place both backstage and in the ring.

Shortly after, WWE officials would then lay the news on Mendes that they were considering getting rid of her character’s current storyline at that time.

“So then I’m like, ‘So what? I’m training backstage for no reason. But they’re like, ‘You’re getting TV time.’ But still, at the end, there was no payoff. That was just degrading. That wasn’t good for a female represented as an athlete.

I really didn’t like that, and it’s one of those things. But you know what? You live, you learn, and your challenges, you grow from your challenges.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.