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Ronda Rousey Reveals What It Would Take For Her To Return To UFC

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While Ronda Rousey is now a WWE Superstar, she has revealed what would need to happen for her to return to her UFC roots.

Since first stepping foot inside a WWE ring at WrestleMania 34, Ronda Rousey has put together an impressive pro wrestling career. Not only has she held both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships, but she has defeated most of the top stars of the women’s division to do it, including Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte Flair.

Before she joined WWE, Rousey had carved a name for herself in the world of MMA where she has an impressive record of 12 wins and only two losses as well as winning both the Strikeforce and UFC Bantamweight Championships at different times.

Appearing on the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show (available early from AdFreeShows), Ronda Rousey was asked if she would ever get back in the octagon. While initially saying no, the Baddest Woman On The Planet revealed the one person she still wants to fight, the one-time “Face of Women’s MMA” and current actor, Gina Carano.

“No [Rousey initially said when asked if she’ll ever get back into the octagon]. Well… There’s only one person. There’s only one person I would come back for.

“I mean, I’ve said it a million times. It’s not like it’s something new but, for Gina man. Gina Carano, she’s the reason why I got into fighting, she’s the reason why I knew it was a possibility. I will always be forever grateful… and if she ever was like, ‘Ronda, I wanna fight you tomorrow at 205 pounds.’

“Like whatever the hell she’d want — I’m not saying she’s 205 pounds — if she wanted to come into my backyard and do the Rocky thing or, you know, ding, ding and we just do it in the backyard, I don’t care. I will fight Gina wherever she wants and if she doesn’t want to forever, leave [that there].”

Rousey finished by explaining that it was more about respect than anything else.

“It’s a respect thing, not like a, ‘F*ck you. I’m coming to get you.’ It’s just like, hey, if you ever wanna pull that card out, it’s there. I love her. Thank you Gina for everything you’ve done.”

Ronda Rousey will next defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Natalya. However, on the most recent episode of SmackDown, the Queen of Harts launched an assault on the star and WWE later announced she was “seriously injured”.

H/T to POST Wrestling for the above transcription.