Ronda Rousey Reveals Special Way Her WWE Opponents Are Chosen

Ronda Rousey Charlotte Flair ankle lock

Following her crushing victory over Liv Morgan at Extreme Rules, Ronda Rousey is once again the SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Since returning to WWE at the 2022 Royal Rumble Rousey has enjoyed a fine run at the top of the women’s division. The former UFC star won the Women’s Royal Rumble match, challenged Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania, before going on to win the SmackDown Women’s Title twice, defeating the likes of Flair, Liv Morgan and Natalya along the way.

Ronda Rousey – “I’m Spoiled, I Get To Pick”

From the moment that Rousey arrived in WWE she has been involved in rivalries with a string of top stars, wrestling on the biggest stages available. This has led to suggestions from some fans that Rousey gets to hand-pick her opponents and this means that she will always be in top programmes.

Interestingly, the star has now revealed on her ‘Ronda On The Road’ YouTube series that she does get to choose who she works with, although she suggests this is more to elevate others.

“I’m spoiled in that I get to pick who I want to work with like, ‘Hey I think this person’s awesome and has a lot of potential,'” she said. “I want to really, like, put this person over and have people see how great they are.”

One star Rousey briefly clashed with on SmackDown was former NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Rodriguez. The match was incredibly well received at the time, leaving many fans wanting more. Rousey added that she had been wanting to work with her for a long time.

“I’m a fan of Raquel anyway. So I’ve been wanting to work with her for a while just cause she’s so damn strong and then I don’t have to worry about hurting her.”

Raquel Rodriguez is currently teaming with Shotzi, while she is set to return to NXT on October 18th to take on Cora Jade.

H/t to Wrestling Inc