Ronda Rousey Crowned SmackDown Women’s Champion

Ronda Rousey wins WWE Smackdown Women's Championship at Extreme Rules 2022

Ronda Rousey is your new SmackDown Women’s Champion after getting the better of Liv Morgan at Extreme Rules.

Liv Morgan walked into Extreme Rules on a mission to be taken seriously, but that meant going weapon for weapon with Ronda Rousey.

The part of the match was characterised by Rousey wearing out the champion with a baseball bat, but Morgan continued to move forward. Every time the former UFC looked to be in the ascendency, Morgan managed to lay her hand on another weapon to even the score.

Morgan came within touching distance of victory after crashing Rousey through a table from the top rope, but it wasn’t enough. Morgan attempted to go hold-for-hold with her rival, but it was submission specialist Rousey who forced Morgan to pass out to earn the win.

The rivalry between Liv Morgan and Ronda Rousey began back at Money In The Bank when Morgan cashed-in her newly won briefcase to claim the SmackDown Women’s Title. This set up a rematch at SummerSlam but the bout ended in controversial circumstances.

Although Morgan tapped out, it went unnoticed by the referee who was busy counting Rousey’s shoulders to the mat. After the match an irate Rousey attacked the official, earning herself a fine and suspension.

After being reinstated, Rousey quickly won a number one contenders match to secure another shot at the champion. In an effort to prove herself, Morgan requested that the bout be made an Extreme Rules match, something which ultimately proved to be her undoing.