Ronda Rousey Pushed To Compete At WrestleMania 39 Despite Being Injured

Ronda Rousey & Shotzi at WrestleMania 39

Speaking in the lead-up to WrestleMania 39, Ronda Rousey discussed her numerous injury issues and the mentality that helps her push through them.

In a post on social media, the star broke down how she has “no ACL or cartilage” in her right knee, before recalling a conversation with her mom when she was a teenager.

Two weeks after undergoing reconstructive surgery on her ACL, Rousey was back doing push-ups at the behest of her mom who told her in no uncertain terms that feeling sorry for herself would get her nowhere. This determination led her to become an expert in ground-based submissions and ultimately paved the way for her success in Judo and MMA.

Apparently, even all these years later that mentality hasn’t left her.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reiterated earlier reports that the star is dealing with a hairline fracture in her arm and isn’t properly cleared for an in-ring return. Meltzer added that Rousey was determined to perform at WrestleMania despite the injury, noting he’s been told her attitude was “f*ck it.”

“The Rousey & Baszler chase of the women’s tag title is on hold because Rousey is still out of action with her broken forearm. She did WrestleMania because it was WrestleMania in Los Angeles but was clearly not ready and still isn’t ready to return. It was noted to us that her mentality regarding the injury was basically “F*** it,” she’s doing WrestleMania no matter what, basically because of her mentality from both herself and her mom regarding competing in real sports while injured.”

Ronda Rousey Hit Out At WWE Prior To WrestleMania

Despite her injury and not featuring on television regularly during the run-up to WrestleMania, Ronda Rousey remained in the headlines. Posting on social media, the star called out WWE for its handling of her storyline with Liv Morgan. Furthermore, it was reported that Rousey “wasn’t alone” in her feelings of frustration.