Ronda Rousey Names Historical Figure She’d Challenge To A Fight

Ronda Rousey cuts a promo

During her time in UFC Ronda Rousey earned a reputation as one of the most feared female combat athletes in the world. Even since moving into WWE, she remains a woman it pays not to get on the side of.

The self-styled ‘Baddest Woman on the Planet’ is no stranger to confrontation, and not even historical figures from the 1800’s appear to be safe.

Ronda Rousey Picks A Fight With Buffalo Bill

While hosting a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread back in 2015, Ronda Rousey asked which historical figure she would challenge to a fight. The SmackDown Women’s Champion said that she would take out Buffalo Bill. The former soldier and showman became famous for his ‘talent’ in slaughtering buffalo, claiming to have shot 4,280 dead in just 18 months. An article from Time Magazine noted that Bill, real name William Cody, got a job with the railroad companies to kill buffalo to feed railroad workers. However, this “became about more than killing buffalo; it became a part of killing Indians.”

“Buffalo Bill. Him destroying the buffalo population of America also destroyed the Native American culture and coming from Jamestown ND, which boasts having the largest statue of a buffalo in the world, the plight of the buffalo is quite near and dear to my heart.”

Since taking her first steps inside the squared circle Rousey has won the Raw Women’s Title, the Royal Rumble and is the current SmackDown Women’s Champion. She also competed in the first-ever all-female WrestleMania main event at WrestleMania 35.

After losing the SmackDown Women’s crown to Liv Morgan at Money In The Bank, Rousey regained the gold at Extreme Rules, avenging her loss in the process. It has since been confirmed that the self-styled ‘Baddest Woman on the Planet’ will be back in action at Survivor Series where she’ll take on Shotzi.