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Ron Simmons On Being WCW Champion – “It Means Everything”

Ron Simmons WCW Champion

Ron Simmons has discussed winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in 1992 and how he found out he’d be winning the gold.

Discussing the historic victory on WWE Untold: APA on the WWE Network, Simmons revealed that he was only told about his win when he arrived at the arena on the day.

Simmons explains:

“1992, the arena was Baltimore.I come waltzing in just as I normally do.I get told by Bill Watts [WCW booker at the time] that I’m gonna be up for the world championship tonight.What?! Tonight? Me? How? Why? How did this come about? And his exact words to me were at that point was ‘hey, why NOT you? Tonight we’re gonna make history here ok?’”

“The reason those words resonated with me is because he had the guts to do what no one else did.And that was to put a black man in there for the world championship and not only put him in there, but hey, I’m gonna be champ.”

WWE Hall of Famer Ron Simmons also had some words on the importance of holding championships in wrestling and his feelings on that subject.

Simmons passionately states:

“Never let anyone tell you if they’ve been in this business that ‘hey having that belt around your waist don’t mean anything.’It means everything.”

Ron Simmons was the first African-American WCW World Champion.The commentator on the night he would win the title from Vader was current AEW announcer Jim Ross.Ross has recently discussed Simmons’ career in-depth on his podcast Grilling JR.Ross gave his thoughts on how Simmons was booked following his title win.

Credit: WWE Untold