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“Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day” – Kris Statlander On AEW Women’s Division

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AEW Superstar, Kris Statlander, has spoken out on the criticism that the company’s women’s division has received from the professional wrestling world.

Since its inception, the female league of All Elite Wrestling has been trailing behind the competition much to the chagrin of its devotees. Often labelled as shallow in capability or uninteresting, sloppy or a rest break, the women of AEW have been the main focus of reproval for the company.

Even Tony Khan, AEW’s President, has accepted the harsh comments put the company’s way and admitted that he needs to work harder and make changes to the division in order for it to begin to match its competition.

Now, Kris Statlander has joined Pro Wrestling Junkies Q&A to discuss everything that has been said about the company’s women and her opinion on said criticism:

“It’s valid to accept criticism, but people have to remember that almost every single girl that got signed has never worked on TV before. A lot of men on the roster have worked on TV, and if they haven’t they’re working with people who have been on TV. We’re just learning as we go. We’re trying our hardest and doing training before TV every single taping. People that think we’re sitting on our butts and hoping things will be handed to us; we’re trying as hard as we can. There’s only so much we can do and only so much time we can get in a two hour show. There’s Dark, obviously, but it’s not live TV. People need to give it time. A lot of these girls, including myself, are working on TV for the first time and we’re not doing matches each week. I believe that we can do better, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s going to take time and everyone has to accept that.”

Currently, Statlander is in the midst of rehabilitation after tearing her ACL on a suicide dive in June 2020 but can be seen on the hugely popular, The Masked Wrestler, as one of the show’s judges.

Credit for the interview: Pro Wrestling Junkies Q&A

h/t for the transcription: Fightful