Roman Reigns To Exile The Usos From Family Table At WWE Hell In A Cell

Roman Reigns Thumb

During the WWE Hell in a Cell go-home edition of Friday Night SmackDown, Roman Reigns laid down the consequences of his bout with Jey Uso.

Prior to the WWE Universal Champion unveiling his spiteful plans, Jey Uso took it upon himself to bait his cousin forty eight hours before their devilish encounter on Sunday night.

As Reigns stood next to his advocate, what appeared to be Jey Uso appeared on the screen to reveal that he was inside the champion’s personal suite. Seconds later, the brother removed his disguise of bandanna and hat to unveil that it was actually the injured Jimmy Uso.

Before Roman could process the information, Jey attacked his cousin from behind and landed a Uso Splash as both brothers hightailed it up the aisle to leave the ‘Head of the Table’ fuming.

Taking the mic, an infuriated Roman Reigns yelled the consequences he’d promised. When Jey Uso utters the words, “I quit”, inside Hell in a Cell, he and Jimmy will fall in line and obey their chief or be exiled from the family altogether.

Reigns has been having trouble with making his family fall in line since declaring himself the head of the Anoa’i table.

At WWE Clash of Champions, he was forced to brutalise Jey which forced Jimmy to hobble to ringside in order to throw in the towel for his brother and give the champion what he wanted. Namely, recognition that he was their ‘Tribal Chief’.

With talk of a possible Roman Reigns vs. The Rock bout at WrestleMania 37, the possibilities for where this storyline could go are endless.

The stakes couldn’t be higher when Roman defends his WWE Universal Championship against Jey Uso in an ‘I Quit’ Hell in a Cell Match on October 25.

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