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All Signs Point To Roman Reigns And The Rock WWE Dream Match Finally Happening

Roman Reigns and The Rock

For years, wrestling fans have wondered if The Rock would come back to WWE.

Facing Roman Reigns has long been the rumour and now, more than ever, the stars appear to be aligning.

Since The Big Dog returned to WWE at SummerSlam, the company has got the jolt it badly needed. SmackDown ratings have been up on average and fans have got excited about Reigns’ character for the first time in years.

Part of that is down to Reigns’s alliance with Paul Heyman. That’s the kind of fantasy booking most fans wouldn’t have thought WWE would have actually done, but now that they have the angle is firing on all cylinders.

Reigns takes on Jey Uso at Clash of Champions in one of the hottest Universal title angles since its inception back in 2016. The core of the story revolves around Reigns being the Tribal Chief to the Samoan Dynasty.

The five-time world champion wants to show that he is the dominant star from one of the most fabled and sacred production lines in wrestling history.

His new heel persona has shown him to be ruthless thus far and even his real-life cousin in Jey Uso shall not be spared. But what if it took another real-life cousin in The Rock to stop him?

The Great One quietly retired from wrestling in an interview a couple of years ago, but in a YouTube video he released earlier this week, Rock suggested if he did return it would be to face Reigns.

“Feels like the one that would make sense [for WrestleMania], right, would be Roman [Reigns],” he said. “In terms of box-office draw.

“I would be honoured not only to share the ring with Roman and to go back to WWE. But of course, I would be honoured to raise his hand in that one.”

Reigns has talked about his dream of facing The Rock in the past and brought it up on the day WrestleMania 37 was announced for Los Angeles.

The newly-built SoFi Stadium stadium in Inglewood, California than can hold 100,000 people sounds about the right kind of stage for the highest-grossing star in Hollywood – two years running now – to make his WWE return against his cousin, doesn’t it?

Roman Reigns has said he wants it. Rock has finally admitted he wants it. Everyone we’ve spoken to in WWE believes this is the direction the company is heading in too.

While much will be dependent on whether WrestleMania 37 goes ahead full steam ahead with full capacity, all the right noises are being made for it to finally happen.