Roman Reigns Surpasses Major Milestone Following SummerSlam

Roman Reigns WWE Universal Champion

Roman Reigns survived Brock Lesnar and his tractor at SummerSlam and now the Unified WWE Universal Champion has passed yet another monumental milestone.

For the first time ever WWE held SummerSlam in July when they entered Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee with the heat turned up on the Biggest Party of the Summer.

Through the shocks, thrills, and spills on the night, over 40,000 fans were on hand to witness what was billed as the last ever meeting of Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar as the two rivals went to war in a Last Man Standing Match for the Unified WWE Universal Championship.

Reigns’ promise to send Lesnar back to the farm must have been ringing in The Beast Incarnate’s ears as he made his entrance to the ring in a front loader tractor. The tractor loomed ominously at ringside while Reigns and Lesnar attempted to tear each other apart.

At one point Lesnar hoisted Reigns high into the air on the front loader before dumping the champion unceremoniously into the ring. But much worse was to come. As the match wore on Lesnar took to the tractor again, this time driving into the ring causing it to move before Lesnar got his front loader underneath and lifted the ring in the air with Reigns still inside.

As has been the custom in Reigns’ title matches, The Usos soon made their presence felt and the three men picked the bones of Lesnar, eventually trapping him underneath as much ringside furniture as they could find to prevent him from beating the ten-count.

With another major victory to his name, Roman Reigns has now surpassed 700 days as Universal Champion, having won the title back on August 30th, 2020.

It is the sixth longest world championship reign of any kind in WWE and the longest world title reign in the company since Hulk Hogan’s first run as WWE Champion which came to an end in February 1988.