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Roman Reigns On The Spear He Would Take Back

Roman Reigns AJ Styles Spear

Over the years, Roman Reigns has used the Spear to devastating effect on many of the top stars in WWE, even using it to defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania, handing the ‘Deadman’ one of only two losses he suffered on the ‘Grandest Stage Of Them All’. However, in an interview with Fox Sports, the ‘Tribal Chief’ revealed that there is one Spear he would change if he could.

Reigns landed the Spear in question on AJ Styles during their WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at WWE Payback in 2016. The ‘Big Dog’ said that he didn’t know the ‘Phenomenal One’ was going to do a flip when he was hit with the move.

“AJ [Styles], I don’t know, some of the guys can cop the flip. Buddy Murphy copped a flip. I’m sure Seth. All these guys can cop a flip.

“But, in order to know, you have to hit ‘em and kinda ricochet off of them and kind of do a bit of a barrel roll to allow them to get that flip right. Because I didn’t know AJ was going to do that.”

Reigns further explained that the flip went awry because he was still wrapped around Styles when he went to flip.

“So when I hit him with a spear, I was still wrapped around him, and I kinda stopped him from rotating and he completely landed on his neck. It was not my fault. I did not know this. It looked rough, but I know he could have easily copped that flip and made it look crazy. I just was not on the same page. Luckily, the match was over.”

The ‘Head of the Table’ says he would go back and fix it if he could so that Styles could have went through with his plan.

“But, if I could go back, I’d fix that AJ spear. I wouldn’t have held on to him so tight. Cause I kind of drove him into the ground a little bit.

“But, I think I’d go back and let him do his thing. I would disengage from him and let him cop his flip or whatever. He’d probably throw a spin in there, too. He’s crazy.”

Reigns won that match to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and in a rematch the following month at Extreme Rules, he once again put Styles away with a Spear.

On January 31st, Roman Reigns is scheduled to defend the WWE Universal Championship against Kevin Owens in a Last Man Standing match. We will have full results and analysis of the event right here at Inside the Ropes.