Roman Reigns Comments On Jimmy Uso’s Recent DUI Arrest

Jimmy Uso Jey Uso Roman Reigns

While Roman Reigns is recognised as the Head of the Table, he also stands as not only one of the figureheads of SmackDown but also WWE.

With the Universal Championship comes great responsibility, something Reigns appears to have embraced like never before since returning to WWE at SummerSlam in 2020.

As the champion heads into this year’s event and a clash with John Cena, he sat down with Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post to discuss all things WWE and beyond.

After hyping his upcoming clash with Cena, Reigns commented on Jimmy Uso’s recent DUI arrest. Uso was arrested in Florida in July for driving at 50mph in a 35mph zone, while his sobriety tests recorded a BOC of .202 and .205 – well above the legal limit of .08. The arrest was Uso’s second DUI in two years.

Reflecting on the arrest, Reigns said that he “doesn’t condone that kind of behaviour or decision-making” adding that its “not a great light to be shining” on his family or WWE.

However, Reigns revealed that he had called Jimmy for a “mental check-up” after the legal troubles came to light.

“We’re all human, we’re all cynics, we all make mistakes,” Reigns said. “Instead of what some people might feel you should give up on somebody or maybe turn your back on that type of behaviour, that’s one way to do it. But I don’t think that’s the way to push through and gain experience or make progressive movements of becoming a better man or a better human. So for me, it was diving into it with great attention, great love and very thorough communication to make sure my family is continually bettering themselves and putting themselves in a position to make better decisions.”

On SmackDown, The Usos and Reigns, guided by Special Counsel Paul Heyman, have dominated the blue brand for a number of months. With The Usos holding the Tag Team Titles and Reigns holding the Universal crown, The Bloodline is firmly in command.

In recent weeks, Jimmy Uso’s wife Naomi has also been added to the blue brand. Although she is yet to appear on the show, there has been speculation that she may be about to join the faction.

Addressing the rumours, Reigns said that while he believes Naomi could be an asset to the group, it’s not something that has been discussed.

“I do believe if she was put in that position, coupled with all of us surrounding her along with Paul Heyman and the rest of our creative brainstorming system that we have and how we craft our narratives, I think we could put her in a good position,” Reigns said. “It’s just not something we’ve had time to come up with a thorough game plan. If we did, I think she’s definitely a superstar who could step up and take advantage of it.”

SummerSlam will be a huge night for The Bloodline with the Universal and Tag Team Championships both on the line.

However, reports have emerged that another match from SmackDown could be in jeopardy. It has been suggested that some within WWE have “expressed concern” that the clash between Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair might be unable to take place after the pair missed two live shows.