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Roman Reigns Calls Two RAW Superstars “Top-Tier, World-Class Athletes”

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has divulged which two WWE Superstars on RAW he thinks are “top-tier, world-class athletes” – as well as naming two surprising SmackDown stars at the top of the list.

During an interview with Men’s Health, the WWE Universal Champion praised everyone across the board before narrowing it down.

“Everybody’s built a really solid package. Just the two guys I was in there with on Monday, Bobby Lashley and Big E—very different physiques, but both top-tier, world-class athletes. Not only with the way they look, but the numbers they can put up in the gym. I’m sure if you put a stopwatch on them, too, it’d be pretty impressive the way they can move.”

Roman Reigns went on to praise another of his recent opponents – John Cena – who seems to be immune to ageing and ring-rust, showing no signs of fatigue whenever he returns to the ring.

“John Cena’s another guy who for 20 years was able to keep a top-notch, stage-ready physique and do it on a very full schedule—four to five days a week, every single week, years at a time.”

Two names who definitely have incredible physiques, but who may not come to the forefront of the mind have impressed Reigns too – Chad Gable and Bobby Roode from SmackDown.

There’s a lot of guys, and even guys who may not get the TV time that they deserve or or may not be that household name—guys like Chad Gable, Bobby Roode—people who may not be the top guy of WWE, but man, do they have an incredible package that they present when the time’s right.”

Reigns rounded off his point by saying how tough it is to stay progress, or even stay consistent, year after year, speaking of his respect for the talents he shares the locker room with.

“Success leaves clues. It’s not like it just came out of nowhere. But if you pay attention, you can see that progression and how they’ve gotten better over time. You can see all the meticulous details, how they stay consistent, and how tough it really is to do that year after year. I have a lot of respect for all these guys. I know I’ve missed some; I could just start listing the whole roster, but that’s the territory. If you want to be a WWE superstar, we’re all different shapes and sizes, but the majority of us are top-level athletes.”

You can read the full interview via Men’s Health.