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Roman Reigns – “Brock Lesnar Is The Most Prestigious Universal Champion We Had”

Roman Reigns Brock Lesnar

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has laid bare his thoughts on his rivalry with Brock Lesnar before their monumental title clash at Crown Jewel.

Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar have a storied rivalry that has seen titles change hands and the two men meet in two WrestleMania main events.

Speaking in an interview with WWE ahead of Crown Jewel, Reigns discusses his ongoing feud with The Beast Incarnate and notes how the two star’s roles have reversed:

“I think the most obvious thing is how the roles have reversed and how the whole dynamic has shifted one-eighty. The direction of where each personality has been, and where it is going, all the way through to the alliance of Paul Heyman – everything has changed with me and Brock.”

“In the past Brock was probably the most prestigious Universal Champion we have had, definitely in terms of Title reign – but that pales into comparison against what I have been able to achieve in the last year and a half.”

For Roman Reigns, it is his ability to work a full-time schedule in WWE that puts him above Lesnar in the pecking order now:

“Being a full-time performer and being able to showcase weekly on Smackdown, and then every month, and sometimes more, being able to defend that Title on every major pay-per-view from the Big-Four down, has made a big difference to where we are both at.”

“A lot of things have changed for me and Brock – but one thing that hasn’t is our physicality in the ring. Brock has done well against me years ago, but anything recently I think I have had the upper hand – and that upper hand lies with me in so many ways.”

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